Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hit me with your best SHORTS

I am currently on a gym mission to be summer clothing ready, which is extremely hard to stay dedicated to when there is no warm weather in Brighton at all.

Seeing other bloggers with posts filled of spring florals, shorter hems and thin fabrics is hard to bare when it's only hitting 10-ish degrees and the option of me wearing shorts will make me look beyond eager!

But, I can of course shop.. Que new obsession.. SHORTS.

For work practicality and flashing reasons, I'm favoring these for the day-time over skirts (that is obviously in no way suggesting that I'm giving up skirts & dresses, for the record!)
Image 6 of PATTERNED SHORTS from Zara
This first pair are top of my pay-day list, they caught my attention as soon as I walked into Zara, the picture does not do them justice at all so please check them out here and admire their gorgeous embellishment. I'm thinking about keeping this look within the mono trend and pairing them with a white t, a black blazer and some amazing sandals. For night, I'll be sticking to black with a black slouchy vest to let the shorts do the talking and glamming up with a red lip.
Citizens of Humanity
Now this second pair is definitely on my wish-list because they're £175 from Citizens of Humanity. I am totally in agreement that this is a horrendous price for denim shorts (especially living in a barely hot country) but the colour on these are blinding, have a look at them here on net-a-porter with the whole outfit to see what I mean! *now desperately searching for the best look a likes*

I'll be honest I'm so into monochrome at the moment because it's so incredibly easy, I'm tending to stick to black with white accents as I'm a little apprehensive about all white but check out my fave white shorts that I'll definitely be trying this summer..

Missguided's Premium Embellished Shorts

ASOS's Pretty Scallop Hem Shorts

Are you favoring shorts as well?
.. Show me your best pairs!

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