Monday, 22 July 2013

You Tart*

Forgive me for even mentioning cold..
Whilst we've only just started stepping out in our summer faves on a regular basis, it would seem a crime to even look towards trousers and any other garment that covers our limbs in this super sticky weather, but picking up my emails this morning, I couldn't help but revel in the AW13 excitement that is TARTAN!

I am slightly looking forward to the cold weather because I can't wait to be wrapped in a red, over-sized (picnic blanket looking) scarf! Teamed with black leather trousers and cut-out boots I am tasting the hot chocolate!

Of course, tartan/plaid/check doesn't have to be red, I am taking serious inspiration from this incredible outfit from Versace AW/13..


 Below are my colder weather, must-have pieces from Topshop. 

I plan on pairing them with a serious amount of leather and a fab boot. 

 And of course, you're never fully dressed without a cracking red lip.

And am I wrong to assume that a little monochrome would be too much?!

 Hell not with these beauties..

What do you think of my AW13 Topshop faves?


Monday, 15 July 2013

TIME FLIES.. but I'm back

Hello hello!

All I can do is apologise for not blogging for an entire month.. 
I've had a crazy last few weeks and simply haven't had the time to post regularly, although now I'm back to it I won't be leaving it that long again, promise!

I hope you've all been enjoying this amazing weather we've been having, I've still been keeping up to date and having a nosy on all of your blogs.. and naturally, I have not stopped shopping so I have loads to share with you all

Have a peek at my instagram lilygmartin because I'm constantly uploading quick pics when I'm not blogging..

Can't wait to catch up with you all 


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WIWT - follow me!

Tut tut to me, I've only just started my WIWT account..

There's a little peek of my first outfit post, what I wore yesterday!

Please follow me here: lilygmartin for everyday outfit posts or even just to nose on other peoples inspiring looks

Thank you muchly,


Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I hope you're all having a lovely June..

I returned from the wonderful Miami on Thursday and I've been dying to share my snaps with you all! 

Excuse the lack of detailed outfit posts (I planned to take a snap each day) but as you could probably understand, the excitement of being out there got to me and touristy pics are pretty much all I got!

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with pretty much every single girly American programme so just being out there fulfilled my Hills-Kardash lust BUT to make things even more amaze.. I went to the DASH boutique on South Beach, ahhh! Admittedly the window display looked a tad tacky and I couldn't picture any of the sisters in their window clothes, but then again when you have access to every designer in the world, why would you!

Enjoy my pics from the trip..

Le Tub was the most insane burger place (literally two inch high of meat!) and the views were gorgeous, sat on the inter-coastal which from across the water you can see the biggest and best houses in Miami, of course, all with private yachts outside each one!

 When it came to shopping I wanted everything I couldn't get at home. I shop constantly here so I made extra effort to raid Victoria's Secret and I came out on top! I didn't want to take a pic of all of my undies but as you can see from the first pic the colours are so bright and fun I was in there forever!

Another find were these Guess sandals, I got them at 40% off!!!

My fave holiday dress from Zara

The Cheesecake Factory

Fro-Yo ALL we did was EAT!
Let me just explain.. that cheesecake was a layer of chocolate sponge, a layer of cheesecake and a final layer of chocolate brownie, COVERED in chocolate fondant with whipped cream and nuts..

.. and ultimately the BEST cake I have ever ever ever HAD!

I can't wait to go back to America and see more places, Miami was the best first start :)
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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

An insta insight into my 21st!

A better picture of my dress
Best. Presents. EVER!
My mega cakes!
No harm in a little selfie
Amaze balloons

These are a few pics from my 21st party on Saturday night.

Sorry for the lack of a detailed outfit post but there was pink champagne and I got a tad distracted!

I paired my white dress with a simple but pretty gold bangle and a pair of diamond studs and my heels were in the form of very light nude, gold studded, peep toe shoe boots from ALDO

Hope you all had a fabulous and long weekend

Also, I am incredibly lucky to be going to Miami tomorrow (so crazy excited it's un-true!) So I'll be blog-free for a week but I'll do a Miami special on my outfits, new buys and general holiday loveliness when I'm back, lots of love

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Friday, 24 May 2013

These boots were made for.. well, me!

I am constantly online shopping and 'ooh-ing' over everything but these I HAD to share with you!
How gorgeous are these bright red, western style ankle boots?!

Amazing colour, CHECK
Hard gold detailing, CHECK
Heeled, CHECK

Out of stock in my size? CHECK, waaaaa

These are my absolute crave this month, I'm so in love and am 1000% willing to wait until they re-stock, chip chop Topshop before I have a shoe related meltdown

Topshop - £150

Monday, 20 May 2013

*21st Birthday* Dress options and opinions appreciated!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fab weekend.

I was treated to a pre-birthday dinner by my boyfriends parents at the casino and it was amazing, me and my boyfriend ate our body weight in gorgeous food and then we shared the best chocolate plate in the world! Vodka and redbull jelly, gooey choc orange sponges and other random truffels and mouses! 
*Cue cheesy couple pic*!

And now it's safe to say that I'm eating nothing but impeccably for the next 5 days as I have my 21st party this Saturday!

Yesterday I picked up my dress..

Now I always have an outfit idea (or 50) in mind, I managed to rattle down my birthday dress options to two, buying one but still thinking that I should've bought the other!

I purchased this white Zara dress. When I first thought of what I wanted to wear, being my 21st, I wanted to treat it as big as a wedding, naturally ;)! Hence the white, but I'm also obsessing over mono and all white looks at the moment.

What do you think of it?.. (excuse the not so professional bedroom picture & my boyfs ever messy bedroom but I needed a quick snap)

If the pictures a bit hard to tell by, it has mesh panels at the waist and neck and is really fitted.

I will pair this with either white or black strappy heeled sandals, depending on the night.

I would love to know what you think of it!

My party is this Saturday so I still have a few days to change my mind, I'll add a few pictures from the night and show you my finished outfit.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

REVIEW of NEW Rimmel Salon PRO polish

If you haven't already noticed I do love myself a few shades of varnish! When I say a few my collection is around 30 and I definitely buy one every time I go into somewhere like boots or superdrug

I jumped at the chance to try Rimmel's new Salon Pro simply because anything that calls itself salon worthy and I can do on my lunch hour is a winner!

I chose 'summer orange' because after lusting over Chanel's sold out 'holiday' I urgently needed something to fill the gap until I can get my hands on the real deal..

Saying that I'm actually very pleased with this polish, it's really thin and light, almost like you would expect it to be too see through but it gives a great vibrant coverage with two coats. It's not cakey at all like some other brands, you could easily do three coats if you'd prefer and it wouldn't be too thick.

The chunky brush allows you do apply it quickly but neatly and because of the light texture it dries really quickly which is perfect when you want a pro mani on your lunch and have it dried before your hands are tapping away again.

These are £4.49 in Superdrug and they're still doing 3 for 2 on all lashes and cosmetics so have a look at their gorgeous shades when you're next in.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I'm new to this so please bare with me whilst I get to grips with everything! 

I would love it if you could follow me on Bloglovin' I'm enjoying keeping up to date and seeing all of your wonderful ones.

Thanks girls,

REVIEW - Dior, Rouge Dior lipstick *perfect coral lip*

This is my latest lipstick purchase and I have officially found my perfect coral lip colour for summer!

I picked up this lipstick at duty free from Dior, it has such a gorgeous orangey colour and you can easily wear it lighter or darker depending on your mood, the top swatch is three light glides and is an intense, bright colour and the bottom swatch is one line of lippy, leaving a peachy glow

I love how the lighter and brighter variations can give two completely different looks from one stick which definitely makes it worth the money

It has a light and moisturising texture and also stays on really well, it may rub off a little during the day when eating and drinking but I'm still left with a noticeable tint of colour if I don't re-apply all day which is so handy is you're busy!

As always the Dior packaging is classy and detailed and definitely glams up any makeup bag, being a high end brand of course it's going to cost a bit more so I wouldn't get it in every shade but I think some unique colours are worth spending a bit extra because they don't go un-noticed and hey, they make me feel a bit special!

The sales girl said this was extremely popular, that's what swayed me because initially all I knew was that I wanted an orange lipstick! But as soon as I put it on I loved it and could see why and I would definitely recommend you to try if you're looking for something like this, if not this shade then I would definitely recommend these lipsticks staying power and tones

You can find them at Boots, Debenhams etc. (who currently have 10% off all beauty and fragrances).. that's your excuse right there! and they range from £22.50 - £25.00.

My shade is called: Andalouse.

What do you think of the colour?
Will you be trying?


Monday, 13 May 2013

REVIEW - Barry M's Hi-Shine Gelly polish

Happy Monday! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend & got to enjoy some sun (unlike me down south)

Not wishing to brave the crappy weather for a night out on Saturday, I got to test out a new polish that I picked up last week and I'm so happy with the results I'm glad I stayed in!

Barry M's new Gelly polishes are amazing..

Reasons to love:
* they're super shiny even before a top coat (hence the 'gel range')
* the colours are really pretty and girly (recommend using two coats for an even finish)
* they dry incredibly quickly and no signs of chipping/movement after a couple of days
* no air bubbles 

There is nothing I don't love about this polish, I was able to do my hair about 15 mins after applying and they didn't smudge at all, even after testing them by denting the polish with my nail, it's bounced back and I can't see a mark at all. 

I picked mine up from Superdrug for £3.99 and they currently have 3 for 2 on all cosmetic brands in store so make the most of it now and go and try a few colours!

I used Blueberry, my mum has also named this 'Facebook blue' which I guess is true so if you work for Facebook and like to match your nails with your occupation then this is definitely for you!

I hope the pictures do it justice..

Have you tried these yet?
What are your thoughts?


Friday, 10 May 2013

Boohoo delights

.. Just a quick peek of my new find, all I need to say is BOOHOO, £18!!!

I was a little skeptical about buying these, simply because I couldn't believe how cheap they are. I thought there had to be a catch with quality or something but first impressions and so far so good, these boots are amaze. So comfortable and the quality is not bad at all!

I was so close to buying the office version but as I only wanted them for a few outfits at the moment I thought I should at least try these first, I promise you, you will not be disappointed with these at all!

I'm definitely going to get the red and gold to pair with shorts and a fresh white top on warmer days, so Sienna Miller!

Does anyone else have these too? What do you think?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Top Met moments

Having only just had the chance to catch up on all the outfits from The Met Ball, I was shocked, inspired and extremely amused by some of the pictures I saw.

These are my favorite Met moments.. what are yours?!

My first pick is Rooney Mara in Givenchy, because look at that dress! I'm just starting to get into the all-white trend and this dress is perfect, the fishtail, statement shoulders and zipped waist look incredible and paired with a dark lip she gives a subtle nod to the punk trend, Rooney has made a mega statement.

Sarah Jessica Parker Met Gala 2013
Now if this isn't a Carrie moment then I don't know what is. I just love this picture, the way she's holding the dress is so fab and dramatic and reminds me of her full lavender skirt and Dior t she wore in SATC. The dress is beautiful but those boots give it a perfect punk punch (try saying that quickly!) She truly deserves that crown on her head!

I was so excited to see what Nicole did with her hair, she rocked it and it's amazing to see how much she's changed since her BFF with Paris years.
.. and she's going to be a fierce grandma one day!
 I have never been more jealous of a jacket in my life! Firstly, the white dress is so angelic and beautiful but the jacket just kills it.. in a good way!
Please, Sienna, when you're finished with it..

And because men were in attendance, all though out shined by the dresses, I give it to Zachary Quinto for a fabulously punk ensemble. The shine on his suit panels and gold chain detail around his waistcoat fastening make him stand out for all the right reasons, his slippers and blue hair are a perfect accompaniment and there's just something about him that is so intriguing!

There are so many more outfits I'd love to feature but you've probably all seen them for yourselves anyway!

What do you think of my picks and who else nailed it?


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Strapping sandals

A couple of weeks ago when the sun was no where near as frequent as it is now, I was dying to go sandal shopping, but before it was deemed okay to wear flat sandals (without the 'aren't you cold') stares, I saw it was seemingly acceptable to wear strappy heeled sandals and pass on the funny looks.

What is it about flat sandals that scream summer more than a heeled version?!

Here are my two current faves that I'm constantly pairing with evening and day outfits..

These strappy black beauts are from H&m and are only £25! I've seen a million versions of these around, not to mention the ultimate, yet skinnier YSL version.

These have a velcro side fastening and with a chunkier heel are incredibly comfy, I wore them on a night out and I promise, no pains or blisters.

Now these gorgeous brights have only had their debut recently, I snapped them up from Office for £55 a couple of months back (yes, when it was snowing on and off!) and I'm so pleased I can finally wear them.

There is no filter on this picture, they really are this bright! I love how the black heel and ankle strap instantly tone them down for casual outfits and these also, are extremely comfy thanks to the chunky heels.

Paired with a colourful pedicure these heels are sure to turn the plainest of outfits into a glam-fest!

I feel a full wardrobe of heeled sandals coming on...
What do you think?


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Drop it like it's squat

In relation to my last post on skimpy shorts, I'm taking up the May squat challenge on top of my normal gym routine to boost my 'summer-clothes' body.

I'll definitely be doing these in small sets throughout the day but I'll be doing them!

And to challenge myself further I'm going to match what I do in squats daily and do the same amount of sit-ups..

400 squats by the 30th of May?!.. No pain no gain I guess!

I'll keep you updated on my progess throughout the month
Also keep updated with my meals and exercise snap shots through my instagram: lilygmartin
Good luck girls!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hit me with your best SHORTS

I am currently on a gym mission to be summer clothing ready, which is extremely hard to stay dedicated to when there is no warm weather in Brighton at all.

Seeing other bloggers with posts filled of spring florals, shorter hems and thin fabrics is hard to bare when it's only hitting 10-ish degrees and the option of me wearing shorts will make me look beyond eager!

But, I can of course shop.. Que new obsession.. SHORTS.

For work practicality and flashing reasons, I'm favoring these for the day-time over skirts (that is obviously in no way suggesting that I'm giving up skirts & dresses, for the record!)
Image 6 of PATTERNED SHORTS from Zara
This first pair are top of my pay-day list, they caught my attention as soon as I walked into Zara, the picture does not do them justice at all so please check them out here and admire their gorgeous embellishment. I'm thinking about keeping this look within the mono trend and pairing them with a white t, a black blazer and some amazing sandals. For night, I'll be sticking to black with a black slouchy vest to let the shorts do the talking and glamming up with a red lip.
Citizens of Humanity
Now this second pair is definitely on my wish-list because they're £175 from Citizens of Humanity. I am totally in agreement that this is a horrendous price for denim shorts (especially living in a barely hot country) but the colour on these are blinding, have a look at them here on net-a-porter with the whole outfit to see what I mean! *now desperately searching for the best look a likes*

I'll be honest I'm so into monochrome at the moment because it's so incredibly easy, I'm tending to stick to black with white accents as I'm a little apprehensive about all white but check out my fave white shorts that I'll definitely be trying this summer..

Missguided's Premium Embellished Shorts

ASOS's Pretty Scallop Hem Shorts

Are you favoring shorts as well?
.. Show me your best pairs!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pay less to be best dressed

I for one am a sucker for shoes, classic shoes that can be worn over and over a million times and with 99% of your wardrobe, to me, are worth spending a little more, quality definitely comes above quantity when you can wear a pair so much.

But, when it comes to shoes that aren't so versatile and ones that I know will forever be lost in my wardrobe after one wear, shopping around for lookalikes is a perfectly acceptable way of adding to your collections.

Here are my closest finds so far..

These two black and purspex patterned heels are pretty much the same shoe! The first pair are from the heavenly Kurt Geiger and are £140, but the second pair are from and are £29.99! A saving of that much is surely a good enough reason to sacrifice the hearts for flowers, no!?

The right pair of snake skins with the little gold padlock made me squeal when I first laid eyes on them, to die for! They are from the genius that is Tom Ford but of course, come in at Tom Ford prices. The left pair however are available from Kurt Geiger and are a steal at £29.00 reduced from £110.

You can find amazing copies from all websites like boohoo, nelly and missguided etc. But always be on the look out for big reductions, Kurt Geiger may be pricey but if you wait a while you can usually find your fave pairs in the sale, they currently have one on and their prices have dropped by over £100 on some pairs, check it out ASAP here!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wednesday wishlist

Okay, admittedly this isn't just a Wednesday thing, I have a permanent list of things I want (need!) but today I spent particularly long browsing the 'new ins' and have found some beautys..

Alexander Wang

First up is this absolutely amazing mono dress by Wang, seen on Khloe Kardashian and Alesha Dixon at the BGT auditions, this dress has stolen my heart! Personally, I favour a skater style dress as it suits my body shape and this is so on trend it hurts. You can lust over this here!

Topshop Boutique

These cropped Topshop Boutique jeans with zipped knees are second on my list. You can wear the zips open or closed and I think they'll look perfect with a lose fit white T and a bright clutch, paired with nude sandals and aviators this is a go-to outfit for summer. Snap these up quickly and before I do here.


And what kind of a wishlist would it be without Zara accessories!? This nude bag with gold detailing is all you need for daytime because it can be worn with anything (I'm thinking especially with those jeans above) to give them a feminine flair.

Not only is the second bag monochrome, it's such a fun statement bag and will give a kick to the simplest of outfits. All black with a red lip.. I'm SOLD.

I hope I've given you enough excuses to buy if you like these as much as I do, if not then I've done a fab job persuading myself!
Let me know your wish-list must-haves for this month