Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Strapping sandals

A couple of weeks ago when the sun was no where near as frequent as it is now, I was dying to go sandal shopping, but before it was deemed okay to wear flat sandals (without the 'aren't you cold') stares, I saw it was seemingly acceptable to wear strappy heeled sandals and pass on the funny looks.

What is it about flat sandals that scream summer more than a heeled version?!

Here are my two current faves that I'm constantly pairing with evening and day outfits..

These strappy black beauts are from H&m and are only £25! I've seen a million versions of these around, not to mention the ultimate, yet skinnier YSL version.

These have a velcro side fastening and with a chunkier heel are incredibly comfy, I wore them on a night out and I promise, no pains or blisters.

Now these gorgeous brights have only had their debut recently, I snapped them up from Office for £55 a couple of months back (yes, when it was snowing on and off!) and I'm so pleased I can finally wear them.

There is no filter on this picture, they really are this bright! I love how the black heel and ankle strap instantly tone them down for casual outfits and these also, are extremely comfy thanks to the chunky heels.

Paired with a colourful pedicure these heels are sure to turn the plainest of outfits into a glam-fest!

I feel a full wardrobe of heeled sandals coming on...
What do you think?



  1. oh wow both pairs are soo nice! but the yellow are really different so have to be my favourite out of the two!

    ordaining serendipity

    1. Thankyou! I love the yellow ones too, so summery!