Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Top Met moments

Having only just had the chance to catch up on all the outfits from The Met Ball, I was shocked, inspired and extremely amused by some of the pictures I saw.

These are my favorite Met moments.. what are yours?!

My first pick is Rooney Mara in Givenchy, because look at that dress! I'm just starting to get into the all-white trend and this dress is perfect, the fishtail, statement shoulders and zipped waist look incredible and paired with a dark lip she gives a subtle nod to the punk trend, Rooney has made a mega statement.

Sarah Jessica Parker Met Gala 2013
Now if this isn't a Carrie moment then I don't know what is. I just love this picture, the way she's holding the dress is so fab and dramatic and reminds me of her full lavender skirt and Dior t she wore in SATC. The dress is beautiful but those boots give it a perfect punk punch (try saying that quickly!) She truly deserves that crown on her head!

I was so excited to see what Nicole did with her hair, she rocked it and it's amazing to see how much she's changed since her BFF with Paris years.
.. and she's going to be a fierce grandma one day!
 I have never been more jealous of a jacket in my life! Firstly, the white dress is so angelic and beautiful but the jacket just kills it.. in a good way!
Please, Sienna, when you're finished with it..

And because men were in attendance, all though out shined by the dresses, I give it to Zachary Quinto for a fabulously punk ensemble. The shine on his suit panels and gold chain detail around his waistcoat fastening make him stand out for all the right reasons, his slippers and blue hair are a perfect accompaniment and there's just something about him that is so intriguing!

There are so many more outfits I'd love to feature but you've probably all seen them for yourselves anyway!

What do you think of my picks and who else nailed it?


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